Tuesday, August 16, 2016

DIY 40th birthday Las Vegas Style

My husband recently turned 40, and boy did we have a great time celebrating the milestone!  Because he loves Las Vegas so much, I decided to make it the theme for his party.  Here are a few ways I decorated our house.  

This was my favorite decoration that my daughter and I worked on.  We painted three very large boxes white and red, and then added black paper circles on the sides to make them look like dice. 

For the dining area, I punched holes in playing cards are strung them up with some fishing line so they looked like they were floating above us.  I also made some tissue flowers and adhered a playing card to the center.

The large black background (which was awesome for photo ops) was created by gluing three black plastic tablecloths together and then gluing playing cards all over them.  You can get both things at the dollar store.  It's just a little time consuming.  I also die cut the words Happy OMG 40th Birthday and adding them to the center of the tablecloths.  I also hung playing cards from the light fixture, hutch, and garland.  

Decorating the table was easy.  I added some cards and beads from the dollar store, added some cards to a $1 frame, and added a funky hat from Party City. 

For the door of the bathroom, I added this funny sign.  The picture is from the movie This Is 40, I just added my husband's face to it.  Hilarious!

Inside the bathroom, I created these funny signs on my printer.

 A few more playing card garland for my windows. 

 This fun baby picture garland was inspired by a Pinterest post.  You can find it on my 40th birthday party Pinterest board, along with lots of other great ideas.  It turned out so cute!  My mother-in-law loved it.

For the entryway, I made some cherries out of red balloons and paper.  The signs were purchased at party city.  I laid a felt poker table cover over the top, like this one here. 

Then I made him a gift basket full of lottery tickets (he won $50!) and added some margarita cuts with poker chips, cards, and dice.

A friend of mine made him this amazing cake, which read "Damn, you are old."  

And of course, we have to have champagne to celebrate.

I typed up this tasting menu so everyone would know what they were trying and we could have it as a memento of the party.  The best part of the party was a video another dear friend of mine made, of people wishing him a happy birthday and showing pictures of him growing up.  It was a wonderful mix of sentimentality and hilarity, and even my husband had tears in his eyes when he watched it. 

And lastly, I had to scrapbook a few pictures of the family before the party started.  Because once people started coming over, we were having too much fun to take many pictures!

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Stacy H-W said...

You are so creative! This party looks amazing! Your double page layout is so fantastic!!!

benilhalk said...

40th birthday in Las Vegas style. I am truly impressed with all of these details. I like Mexican style as it is so much fun and loads of colors are in it so for my upcoming 20th birthday, I am surely going to throw the chic Mexican themed bash. I also need to find the affordable LA venue as well. Can you help with it?