Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Prima's Art Venture projects

I went to Prima's Art Venture in Palm Desert over the weekend and I learned so much!  My classes were incredible and featured teachers like Heidi Swapp, Anna Dabrowska, Janine Koczwara, and Marion Smith.

This is the mixed media art journal I created in Anna's class. So many layers involved in making this.  I LOVE how it turned out.  I definitely want to work with Luminarte's SILK paints again.

And the back of the journal.

Couple of inside pages.

Another fun project we did as a make and take was this wall art using Prima flowers and fishing line.  It is so easy to make and, of course, Lara wanted one as soon as she saw it.   All you need to make it is some flowers, a butterfly stamp or punch, fishing line, a decorative piece for the bottom (something like a metal charm which helps to keep the line straight), and a hook of some sort to hang it with.  Though you could just tie a circle with the fishing line too.  After you knot the fishing line around the metal hooks, you will want to glue it as well to make sure it doesn't unravel.  Then just sandwich the fishing line between your flowers and butterflies, so that there is one on either side of the line.

Here's how Lara's came out.  I used Sheena Douglass' Flying Colors for my butterflies and random Prima blooms which I got at Art Venture.  (They gave us hundreds of blooms.  I have a bag with like 4 inches of flowers in it.)  It would be neat to make a couple of really longs ones too.  
I also had some of my 15 minutes of fame over the weekend with a fun pic of me and Heidi Swapp with Leeza Gibbons.  (My friend Stacy saw it on Leeza's Facebook page.)   We all received Leeza's new book and got a chance to chat with her over the weekend.

The hotel JW Marriott was gorgeous.  Here is our balcony view of their putting course.

No lobby is complete unless you have a boat in it.

Another project I made there.

These tags were make and takes!  We got a 6x6 pad of paper with them as well.

I have a few more projects from the weekend, but I have a few more things to add to them.  If you are thinking about attending a Prima Event like this next year, I definitely encourage you to.  Not only did I learn so much about different products and techniques, they gave us a TON of gifts.  We received flowers, bling, spice racks and tins with flowers, paper, etc. throughout the entire weekend.  Well worth the expense.

Enjoy the rest of your evening :)



Stacy H-W said...

I sure was a total blast wasn't it?! Although I need a vacation from our vacation now!! ha All of your projects are gorgeous!!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

WoW! Looks like so much fun! Amazing projects! Carri~Abusybee

Angi said...

Love your gorgeous mixed media journal!