Friday, January 27, 2012

Need a laugh? You have got to check out these pics!

My girlfriend Amy told me about the most hilarious blog.  It pairs pictures of the GORGEOUS Ryan Gosling with hilarious crafty sayings.  After you read a couple, you cannot help but giggle helplessly.  Here's a couple that I loved on the blog:

Even though I've read these a couple times already, I am still laughing copy and pasting these on my blog.  To see even more of these hilarious photos check out  

Have a great night :)



abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

OMG! These are hilarious!! Is it because we secretly want our Husbands to say these things to us?? I especially like the glitter compliment LOL! I am always covered in glitter and the only thing I hear is "Hey your getting that SH*T all over the house" LOL!!

Tanya said...

I've seen these on Pinterest! They are so funny!! tfs :)

Lisa said...

LOL!! I love these :D


Copper Diem said...

Those are good ones - i love the bead ones. They are all so funny! -Amy