Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunflower handbag

My favorite flower is the Sunflower.  I love how big and bold they are, not to mention the gorgeous yellows and oranges.  When Sheena Douglass came out with Paint Fusion Sunflowers I was in heaven!  These amazing stamps look fabulous with paint, but they are also awesome for coloring them with pencils or Copics.   This amazing paper handbag was made using my Ultimate Crafter's Companion tool and Envelobox board.  You can see the free tutorital by Sara here.  I added various green, blue, and white flowers and leaves around the sunflowers, making sure my Sunflowers stayed the focus of the project.  I also added some lace along the bottom around the entire handbag.

You can see that after I colored these wonderfully huge stamps with Copics, I added some Stickles to give it a little glitter.

I had a lot of fun decorating the back of my bag as well.  I used another sunflower as the focal point, and added tiny yellow flowers with bling where the handbag opens.

 To keep the handbag closed I used a small magnet.

I absolutely love this handbag.  When my son saw it he said he wanted one too to hold his pokemon cards!  Guess making a more masculine one is next on my list of things to make :)

Have a wonderful week!



Marlene said...

This is beautiful, Denise! Thanks for sharing. :)

Staci said...

So pretty! Thanks for sharing!

Carolina said...

What a beautiful project, Denise, it's lovely!!!

Janis said...

How fun!! :) Janis

Sassy said...