Monday, May 16, 2011

Project 2011 accounting for March

This month's is a bit late.  Here are all the links to everyone who participated last month.  If you haven't posted your progress, this is a reminder for you.

I did well last month considering I took a couple of Copic classes.  I did buy some markers, but not too many.  I needed to buy some so I could practice coloring.  Other than that I didn't buy a thing.  How did you gals do?


Anonymous said...

well...I haven't bought any new scrapbook/craft supplies this month. But only because I'm moving and didn't want to move anything else. I did, however, buy some fabric. I guess that counts. But in my defense it's to cover up a piece of furniture in the new place.

madebyKarla said...

I did good in April, May will be ok too, I think. I only shopped online once and I have managed to avoid M and J's so far!

Tara said...

I did rotten and May is not looking much better :S