Thursday, January 6, 2011

Struggling with Project 2011 yet? Read this note I got from a friend.

It's hard to break that spending habit when so many scrapbook companies have such beautiful projects.  I got a note from Betty who wrote this yesterday about her struggle to stay on course.

"Well I must tell you it was very hard to keep my scrap my stash promise. My LSS sent me a message that everything is 25% off and I was actually at a store two doors down from there and didn't go shopping.
Next I hit the dollor store and they have a bunch of their scrapping stuff on for 50% off. I ran from the store screaming. 
Then I get to Walmart and they have their Christmas Scrapbooking stuff on 75 % off. And I still didn't buy anything. Of course I have been in a deep depression ever since. I may have to go shopping to pull myself out of my funk LOL."

I totally cracked up when I read this!  I could just image her running out of the door clutching her hair, eyes  bulging, and screaming.  LMAO off Betty!!  Good for you for staying strong!!!  So, if you are struggling, you are not the only one.  They say it takes 2 weeks to make a habbit.  Keep at it.  If Betty could turn away from 3 different sales, you can too!!

One idea to make it a little easier is to unsubscribe to all your usual online shopping newsletters.  No more Scrapbook Steals, Crafty Steals,  You can always rejoin later when you have lots of money from saving it in the next months :)



CuddlyBunny said...

Good advice, and great story! Resisting the craft shopping urge is indeed an addiction.

I quit smoking nearly two years ago and think it was FAR easier than trying not to buy crafty stuff (of course, nobody threatens lung disease when I buy a tub of embossing powder)! :)

Stacy said...

Hilarious email from Betty Anne!! She is much stronger than I am so I guess I should just stay home away from those sales!!
For me it has been good so far...but it is only the 6th of January!! lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've made a vow not to buy any more scrapbooking paper for at least a year. I swear it multiplies at night. All these craft supplies are taking over my entire house! AHHHH

TeenaBugg38 said...

Oh crap!!!!!! I signed up for this and was vowing to use my stash but didn't even thing when I went out today cuz I bought scrappy stuff.....WHATS WRONG WITH ME?????????????? Holy cow......I'm

madebyKarla said...

LOl! Thanks for the encouragement... I have to confess that I shopped's ok...I decided that will be it the rest of the month. gotta start somewhere, right? I'll think of Betty and run out of the store (or website) next time!

JustYolie said...

That's hilarious!!! I tried doing the same, it only lasted a couple of weeks {sigh}.
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comment! :)

Jackie said...

Oh how funny! I usually only make it two weeks or so! :(