Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stylish Blogger award, Sassy Sketch, and this and that

 Hey gals,

I've been CRAZY busy the last few days.  It turned out I needed a new battery for my van.  So we replaced it (okay some guy from AAA did it) and it works great now.  I was really worried about having to get a new car.  I've got all the dings and smashed in part of my bumper just the way I want them.  I'd hate to have to break in a new one.  My family always laughs at me and says not to park behind me.  There is a very good reason for that.  Now, I'm a great long as I'm going forward.  Backing up...not so good.  My husband got really mad the last time I backed into his car, but I just told him, "You know better than to park behind me".  LOL.  I have decided that I am absolutely not going to fix the bumper.  For one why bother? I'll just mess it up again.  And second, there is a lot of history there.  Let's see the landscaper that did our backyard, a housekeeper, a random woman in a parking lot (We back into each other so we just walked away not stressing it), a really old man in a car at my doctor's office (He just kept on going at the speed of light!  The whole side of his car was marked up.  Apparently, he was worried about his license and never came back.  I know, 'cause I waited outside my car for him."  And of course, twice w/ my lovely husband :)  Pretty darn lucky never to have had a claim huh?  Dad - no comments please if you are reading this.  Just be glad I don't get my car insurance through you ;)

Okay, enough ramblings.  Here's this week's new Sassy 'Lil Sketches layout sketch.  Perfect for all your vertical photos.

And here some exciting news too.  We have our own domain name, forum and gallery!!! WOOHOO!!!!! 

You're ALL invited to join the new forum!! Please join us, take a look around, start posting away!! Please, Please, Please invite all of your scrappy friends to join our new forum! We are hoping it will be a welcoming home for all crafty people! 

The new homepage and forum are up and running right now. The gallery still needs to be tweaked but hopefully, it will be open in the next few days. 

PLUS, we'll be adding weekly card sketches in February!!!! Be on the lookout for the DT call!

And saving the best for last, I got an awesome award from my friend Court at and Cindy at   I was pretty amazed that I had two awesome scrappers give this me.  Both your blogs are so gorgeous.  Cindy rocks two page layouts and you should see some of Court's latest home decor and cards!  You gals are awesome to say I have a stylish blog :))

Okay I'm suppose to share 8 things about myself and then pass it on to 8 people.  But since I got it twice I'm going to pass it forward to 16 people :))  Gotta share the love!

Let's see eight things about me:
1.  I am really good at backing into other cars.  They try to hide but I nail them every time!
2.  I absolutely adore my Shitzu even though I talk shit about him.  (I.E. My next dog is going to be a leather couch.)
3.  I have a housekeeper who comes every 2 weeks.  I will not clean up after my son.  No way!
4.  I am a huge cuddler.  I am always kissing and hugging on my kids.  Much to the irritation of my now eight year old son.  (Though he still trys to sleep with me most nights.)
5.  I hate cooking.  I'd rather just nuke up and frozen pizza or entree and be done with it, but having kids I gotta do it.  
6.  Sometimes I get in a reading mood and just read and read and read.  
7.  I saw Resident Evil last weekend during the day and it scared the heck out of me!  I haven't been that scared by a movie or book like that since I read The Stand during my 5th grade classroom.  (I hid the book in my textbook while the teacher was teaching something.  Yes I did get caught.  But it wasn't anything new for me.  I was always sneaking in books.  
8.  Please, you are so bored by now!

Okay I'm giving this out to:

Caro -
Angi - 
Terry - 
Michelle -
Kirsty -
Gloria -
Kim -
Christy -
Audrey -
Stacy -
Jackie -
Allison -
Debbie -
Patty -
Betty -
Kelly -

Night all!



Cindy Gay said...

Oh no, not bored. I can't back up the car either (have to be careful backing into the garage after the $200 it cost to replace the side view mirror!) Also like the part about the next dog! Cindy

Kim said...

Me-Ma Kim

Stacy said...

Thanks Girlie!! That is so sweet of you to include me on your list!!

Thanks for the heads up, I will be sure and not park behind you!! ha xo Stacy

sa_homespun / Michelle van Wyk said...

Thanks so much for passing on the award to me too.. I am so honored.. PS: Love the new sketch... Hugs, Mich
PS: Oh Yes.. .not PARKING anywhere NEAR you ! !LOL

Hippieaud (aka Audrey) said...

Aww, thanks so much Denise!! That is so sweet of you. I will pass it on tomorrow - this week has been especially insane!! Thanks so much and so glad your box of goodies arrived:)

Caro said...

Thanks a lot! I have to think of 8 things now... better leave it for tomorrow, too sleepy now... THANKS AGAIN!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Thanks for thinking of me! I am so honored, will pass it on soon!

craftytrog said...

Thanks for the award Denise, so kind of you to include me in your list! Love your artwork too!
Alison xx

Jackie said...

Thanks Denise, keep them coming, LOL :) I hope I have time to pass it on! may need to start a new blog just for posting blog candy for people ;)

Kelly Massman said...

Thanks for the award! I can't believe how busy I've been lately--my blogging has suffered but my crafting has really suffered. Hope to get back in the swing soon!!!

Betty Anne said...

Thanks so much for the award Denise. Sorry I haven't made many comments lately but for some reason I have been having problems accessing your blog. If I am able to get on it then if I click on anything it trys and trys to load but them goes to a page saying diagnostic problems. It took me many, many trys to finally get the comment section to pop up. Has anyone else been having problems.