Friday, November 5, 2010

Scrapbook Space part 2

I am just about finished cleaning.  Just in time for the weekend :)  I am definitely carving out some time to scrap.  Here's the rest of my space.  There are some random papers on it, but those are for a layout I am planning to do.  The drawers are full of files, tools, bling, ribbon, and some flowers.  

These shelves hold my magazines, fibers, metal, cards/envelopes, flowers and ribbon by color, and Tim Holtz pads.  

Finally, my last shelf above my desk hold some books, software, brads and eyelets by color, glitter, pebbles chalks, and my smaller flowers.  The flowers on top are flower pens my sis makes.  They are gorgeous :)  

Hope some of these ideas help you get organized.  

See ya tomorrow,



Scrapamum said...

Ack! You put me to shame my friend. My scrap room is a scrap mess : (
Your room looks absolutely fabulous!!

A Christy Production said...

Yeah you're making me feel quilty too. My craft quarters are an absolute disgrace. Unacceptable actually. I am just so stupidly busy but I have some time tomorrow afternoon and I am giving it an overhaul. I'm going to totally tidy up all 3 desk surfaces, then I'm going to empty my closet and rearrange that because it's not set up right and I'm having trouble fitting everything in.

And the idea of using vases to hold things is MARVELLOUS! Ingenious actually. I would never have thought of that! And it's all so matchy matchy. I envy you! I craft on camping tables. Lame sauce!

Karla Carneiro said...

Olá Denise, I loved its scrap I sing, very pretty and organized…., and this facilitates in them very! Congratulations! A great kiss. Karla.