Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Scrapping Space part 1

Hey gals,

Thank you so much for the emails asking how Lara and I are feeling.  I was really touched to get them!  Now that we have been on Augmentin for a week, we feel almost good as new!  Amazing how quickly antibiotics work.

I have slowly but steadily been working on my scrapbooking room.  I still need to finish up my desk and the wall shelves above so I'll show you those when I'm done.  The biggest part was starting to fill up my Scraprack.  With the book shelf I got from Ikea, I now have a perfect place to store it.  Right on top of it!

So far I have put all my buttons (not too many, I'm not a button person) and random chipboard pieces in by color.  I have also put in all my Quick Quotes vellum quotes so that I can look through them and find what I want quickly.  I had a lot of these just dumped in a large envelope.  I also arranged all my colored ABC and number chipboard in alphabetic order.  I'm almost done with the alphabet.  In the shelving I have my Sizzix texture boutique, albums and projects that I am working on, mini albums, and a few odds and ends.

To the right of my closet I have a really old and sturdy armoire that used to be my sister's.  The door was ripped out in a move and I looked at it and thought, that's perfect!  You can see some of my paper I have here.  This is the main stash I scrap from.  The card stock is by color, and the rest are by manufacture.  I also have my seasonal, Christmas, and Halloween paper here.  On the bottom shelf I have kits stacked up that I bought at conventions.  The drawers on the left have my old Sizzix and dies, My 8 x8 paper, rubber stamps, and odds and ends.

At the top of the armoire is my large Clip-it-up.  I have all my alphabet stickers hung up, some large chipboard, and some fancy pants rub-ons I need to put in my scraprack.  

To the left of the closet is my random pattern paper that I separated by color.  I bought it at a scrapbook store that went out of business when the economy tanked.  We lost 3 out of 4 in my area.  At the top I do have a space for birthday paper, boy paper, and girl paper.  At the bottom is all my pads of paper like DCWV or  Tim Holtz.

To the right of my desk, I have a bookshelf I bought from Pottery barn teen.  It matches my desk and other shelves which I'll show you later when I'm done organizing it.

On the top I have my printer and my Cricut Expression.  The first shelf has my cartridges, my Xyron 850, scissors, and foam stamps.  The bottom is all my acrylic stamps.  Most of them are Close to my heart.  I got the baskets from Pottery Barn Teen too and I love them.  Just next to it is my Cropper Hopper rolling cart. I keep my albums here.  It was completely stuffed, so I decided to box some of my albums up.  Here are the ones that are going in a box as well as some layouts I need to put into albums.  I'm pretty lazy about that and wait to do it until I have 30 or so.

Finally, I have the new wall shelf I bought from Home Depot for about $12.  I put all my glimmer mists, stickles, alcohol inks, paints, and random stamp pads on it.

Wow, that's one long post!  Still with me?  I am thinking of challenging myself to just use what I have this next year.  Not including adhesive, card stock, cricut mats, etc.  January sounds like a good month to start.  It could be our New Years resolution.  You wouldn't have to cancel your kit clubs and if you messed up one month, we could encourage you to keep going.  I thought if enough people want to take the challenge with me, I could make up a button for us, and we could visit one another once a month and give each other encouragement on how we did during the last month.  What do think?  Anyone want to try to dig into your stash with me?  



A Christy Production said...

Holy cow you have the biggest stash in history!!! Totally jealous! All that paper.. whoooa!!! I wish I could go a whole year, but I would probably only last a couple of months before I ran dry. Maybe we can do a quarterly challenge??

Drayia said...

Would love to work on a challenge like that! The one exception I would have to make is DCWV stacks I HAVE to have the new seasonal ones every year LOL.

Betty Anne said...

Love what you have done with your scraproom Denise. I have been working at tidying mine also. Its so much easier to scrap when everything is in the right place.
That sounds like a great New Years resolution, I think I could scrap for a couple of years from my stash alone. Actually I think I might have more stuff then my local scrapbook store has lol. So you can count me in on the scrap from your stash project for the New Year. Hopefully I will be able to keep this resolution better then I have kept previous ones.
Glad to hear the little lady and you and are feeling better.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Thanks for sharing your crafting space, that's a lot of stuff to keep tidy, bravo!

CraftyGirl said...

Can you come to my house?!! I totally need to get organized and it looks like you are really good at it!!
barb :)

Marlene said...

So neat and organized!! I think I'm in love. :)

Caro said...

Neat room! I am doing mine in the new house at the moment, so this is great inspiration!!!!

Scrapamum said...

Loved seeing your scrap space. So much tidier than mine

madebyKarla said...

Definitely need to use up my stash! I'd love to start that challenge in January with you :)But I'm with Darya, I NEED the new DCWV stacks, so maybe we should have some allowances ;)

Stacy said...

no......I would never make it! LOL

Simply said...

Love the Clip it Up. Thanks for sharing.