Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shiny Happy Kids

My hands are once again blue.  One of these days I'll figure out how to use glimmer mist just on my project, rather than my hands too.  They look like the blue man on 5 People You Meet in Heaven.   I think I'm a little heavy handed with it.  It came out okay though.

I made this for Brenda Sketch Challenge at Sketches4you.  She drew this sketch!  How cool is that.  My layout is not tilted that much but I had a hard time getting it photographed.  (Okay, I'm lazy!)  These pictures are of Lara and Nicholas after they decided to cover themselves in Menthalatum.  You'll probably remember the pics from a few months ago.  I still haven't replaced that jar.  We've also lost our Vaseline between now and then as well.  Lara has a love of soap and lotion.  If she can open it, she'll cover herself with it.  Menthalatum, Vaseline, diaper cream, bubbles, you name it, she's hydrated her skin with it.

The Summer's almost over for the kids.  Just a couple more weeks left.  We are trying to get some more fun in while we can.  Today we went miniature golfing, tomorrow's the beach, and Friday is a hand's on kid museum.  Saturday is a big block party that the HOA puts on, complete with jolly jumps.  If Summer's almost over, we'll go out with a bang :)



Stacy said...

I'm so lame...I didn't even realize you had done the glimmer mist/mask deal until your said it!!lol I was so busy looking at the pictures and imagining the mess!!! But now that you have brought it to my attention - I don't think you were heavy handed at all...I love it.
Makes me eager for our class in November!!

Kelly Massman said...

Nice layout! Hope Lara doesn't decide to get that stuff in her eyes! Kids just love to torture their parents! :-)

Scrapamum said...

I love this LO!!!! If it makes you feel any better my husband just got super upset with me when he discovered a nice blue stain on our 1 year old carpet the other day. Ooops!
My hands are always covered in paint. I think it adds character ; )

CraftyGirl said...

what sweet little smiles!! I love the big flowers!!
Barb :)

Marlene said...

Gorgeous layout and you did a fantastic job with the glimmer mists. I salute you. I hate getting messy! :)

Betty Anne said...

Love the masking you did and the pictures are just too cute.

anazelia said...

SO cute denise. Love the title.