Sunday, July 4, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

I was looking through my blogs I follow, checking out my friends to see what cool stuff they had posted when I saw that Judy had gotten an award.  She is just a sweetheart, so I went right over to congratulate her and it turns out she passed it on to me!  Thanks girl!    If you haven't had a chance to meet her, you're missing out!  She's so cool and really creative!  Her blog is   The Award she gave me is

This award comes with a set of rules...
1) Thank the person who gave it to you 2) Tell seven things about yourself 3) Pass the award on to five bloggers whom you think are fantastic...

7 things about me....let's see

1.  I got accepted into a 2nd tier law school w/ a scholarship but turned it down to be a stay at home mom when I was 30.

2.  I love animated kid movies.  We have a huge collection, which we started before we had kids.  I love taking Nicholas to see the new 3-D ones in the theaters.

3.  None of my friends scrapbook (except Stacy who lives in another state and who I corrupted) so I love this online community of scrapbookers.

4.  I can eat salsa with anything.  It grosses out my husband.  Seriously, what doesn't go with salsa?

5.  I'm so addicted to challenges and blog candy.  It's my competitive nature.  I'm so competitive!  Just ask my sister and brother, they'll tell you!

6.  I'm an avid reader.  I read all the time.  I majored in English Lit.  so I could read my way through college.

7.  I love all the comments from my friends!!!!!    It really makes my day.  Seriously. 

Okay now to pass this on to five blogger that I think are fantastic!  Be sure to become fans of them, they are the best online friends you can find!!  And they are...

Kim -
Andrea -
Stacy -
Barb -
Tina -

Hope have time to drop by these blogs.  They are not my favs for nothing!  These are the nicest gals around who tell you yes you can do it and will rock it.

Happy Fourth of July gals.  Enjoy today!!


CraftyGirl said...

Denise.... THANK YOU!! You are sooooo sweet!! I was getting online to do a post and found this award! I loved learning more about you... we actually have a lot in common! I have that some competitive nature....if it's a contest, count me in!! I just can't help myself!! And I do not have any scrappy friends where I live!! I love my blog community because everyone is so kind and I learn so much from all my friends!! Thanks for passing this award to me... I will actually post it now!!!
Barb :)

Stacy said...

Aren't you a sweetheart!! ! Thank you for the award and for making me a "scrapping addict"!! I love it and you. xo Stacy

Marlene said...

Mmmm!! I love salsa, too....with lots of cilantro! YEAH BABY!

Chelsea said...

That was so much fun reading the 7 things about you! I love it all! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your awards too!
Enjoy your day.

Scrapamum said...

Denise you are the sweetest thing ever!!!!!
It's so fun to read the 7 things about you. Salsa does go with everything!!!
: )