Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wild Things

Boy, I didn't think it'd be that much harder to squeeze in a page every day or two once Summer started.  Wrong!  Keeping two kids busy is definitely cutting into my scrapbooking time.  There's so much more to do around the house these days too.  Mess, mess, mess.  Okay, that's enough complaining.  After all, Summer is my favorite season.  It was another hot gorgeous day and we soaked it up.  There was a cool breeze with it, so you could be outside all day long.  Got my new charger for my laptop.  Had no idea they cost $90.00.  Soon as I found out, I put a ban on chewing gum for the immediate future.  Seemed fair to me.  Not so much to Nicholas.  

Speaking of Nicholas, I embarrassed him pretty good today.  I had the nerve to tell him, "I love you", out in public!  What was I thinking?!  Gasp!  He said, "Moooommm" (think whiny voice), you're embarrassing me."  Sniff, sniff.  My son's growing up and I do not like it one little bit.  Alright, where's the sketch already?  Today's sketch is from Sketch Inspiration.

You gals have a nice night :)



TeenaBugg38 said...

Yeah geeze, what where you thinkin? Tellin your son you loved him? In public? EEEEEK!!!!! Tell him how lucky he is he doesn't have a mom that still insists on giving him kisses as he gets out of the car and goes into front of all of his Nicholas my man it CAN get worse!!

He'll understand one day when he has kids of his own...til then just keep embarassing him mom....they don't stay little long and in my opinion you can't tell them you love them too much :)

Denise @ kc242 said...

What a great scrapbook page. They do grow us soooo fast. Your kids are adorable! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

2amscrapper said...

love the colors on this layout

CraftyGirl said...

Cute LO!! i love the leaves and the twine!! Super fun!!
barb :)