Saturday, May 8, 2010

A trip to the zoo some fun links

I didn't get any scrapbooking done today.  We went to the L.A. zoo to take a picture of a rhino for Nicholas big report at school.  It's a huge zoo and the rhino was not near the entrance so we walked all over and saw all the other animals first.  By the time it was time to do the LONG hike to see the rhino, the kids had had it.  But that's what we came for so we kept on.  We finally got there and... he/she was sick and at the vet's clinic!!!!  You should have seen our faces and heard Nicholas' heartbreak!  Yikes, 0 for 1!  I felt so bad for him.  He was seriously dragging, especially since he's been sick and still coughing a little bit from asthma.  Sigh.  You know I alway tell Nicholas he will always be my baby, but maybe I may be taking it a little to far...

Lara got a shoulder ride on dad while I pushed Nick back to the car.  Ridiculous?  Yeah, pretty much, but the whining stopped so it was all good.

I thought I'd share some fun links with the girls today.  I come across so many cool blogs that I want to share.  Here are a few: - Jennifer is a frequent contributor to Creating Keepsakes, has lots of giveaways, and tons of awesome ideas.  Love her blog. - Stacy is a brand new scrapbooker (though you'd hardly know it!) who has a gaggle of kids to showcase.  She and her husband have 5 adorable kids.  She's new to blogging (like 1 week), so if you have time, stop by and send a little love her way. - This is a brand new blog that showcases us!  Here's their info : Paper Craftorium was created in May 2010 as a way to showcase regular papercrafters and bloggers, who may not always get the chance to be showcased otherwise. It was created as a regular place for regular people to help promote "the little guys" much like ourselves.   .I love love love this idea.  It's so hard when you are starting a blog to get a following. I'm big on following newbies to blogging (scrapbooking bloggers that is). - Deanne at Am I a scrap addict? posts links to free digis every friday!  How awesome is that?

Hope you get a chance to check out these cool links :)  Have a wonderful weekend gals :))



TeenaBugg38 said...

Poor Nicholas!!! Ya know....we do what we gotta do to keep the whining down to a minimum....I can totally relate! Thanks for the cool links....there are a few I will definately check out! Happy Mother's Day :)

Jennifer said...

thank you! you have a great blog.

Penny D. said...

Thanks so much for the shout out!!!

anazelia said...

LOL funny picture.

kmassman said...

I just love Jennifer McGuire's blog and her work! Thanks for the other links, too.
No, for the xoxo site, you just create a layout based on my (or the other design team members) layout and then upload for a chance to win a prize! Several of the girls who leave comments on your blog are also new DT members there!

Kim said...

Sorry that you didn't get the photo of the rhino. Kids are never too old to be babied! That is my theory and I'm sticking to it! :-)
Thanks for shouting out about papercraftorium. I hope to see you featured there!!! :-)
Kim xXx

Mina said...

oh no poor Nicholas must have been so dissapointed and so deserved a ride back to the car poor little fella...thank you for the links, Im off to have a look now
Mina xxx