Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sketch Friday at Practical Scrappers

Today is a brand new sketch over at Practical Scrappers.  Today's sketch is a card.

I decided to use a color challenge from My Partner in Crafting Crime for my sketch.  The colors were pink, gold, and brown.  The pink doesn't show up very well on camera though since it is a lighter shade of pink.  I made this card for a friend whose mom was just diagnosed with lung cancer.

Today I am hanging out with my sister at an surgical center.  Her twins are getting tubes put in their ears.  They both get double ear infections all the time, so hopefully this surgery will really help them feel better long term.  Then Chris and I are off to see Nicholas get his kindness award at school.  I'm sure he's going to be very surprised.

I got an award too.  I received a Sunshine Award from Courtney over at A Touch of Pink (  She is such a sweetheart.  She always goes out of her way to comment on my blog.  She makes the cutest cards, including an awesome one of an army guy a couple of days ago.  (Her husband is in the army).  Thanks Courtney!

Okay so the rules of the award are just to send the award to 12 bloggers who brighten your day.  I wish I could send it to all you gals, but rules are rules.  Tough to pick just 12 but here's mine in no particular order:

Jackie -
Betty -
Stacy -
Tina -
Kelly (K) -
Christina -
Barb -
Pamela -
Linda -
Ana -
Mina -
Robin -

These girls not only have great blogs with really awesome layouts and cards, but they all have one they in common.  They are all as sweet as molasses :))

Happy Friday girls.  Try not to hit happy hour too hard!



Stacy said...

Thanks for giving me my very first award!! You rock my friend! I love that Nic is getting a kindness award...laughing really hard here...but he is a sweetheart. You are a lucky mom!
Good luck to those sweet babies. My heart is with you. xo

Stacy said...

PS Congrats to you for getting this award in the first place. But it is a given that you would get this award because you brighten everyones day!

JR Creations said...

Wow Denise, great card and you've worked the colours really well. Congrats to your son on the award and hope the twins feel better soon. Thanks for playing again at My Partner in Crafting Crime

Jenny T.

Kelly Massman said...

Thanks so much for including me! It's so great that you received that award!!! I'll be having a giveaway (small) on my blog to celebrate my birthday as soon as I get my picture taken and uploaded! swing by my blog when you get a chance... :-)
P.S. Your card today is super great! And best of luck to the twins today--Mitch had this done twice when he was little--no fun!

CraftyGirl said...

Awww... Denise!! You are so sweet!! The sunshine award certainly brightened my day!! With such a busy weekend ahead of me, it is great to have a little extra cheer sent my way!! I will be sure to post it early next week!! Have a fabulous weekend!!
Barb :)

bosenberries said...

Thanks so much for the award (you certainly deserve yours)... what a nice surprise!! I always say to everyone that I hate surprises but I have changed my mind.... he he. I wish your friend's mom all the best. I adore the card and I am really happy you entered it into our second challenge... Robin
(I am off to spread some sunshine now!!)

anazelia said...

Denise that card is fabulous. I am terrible at making cards, just terrible. I see all these wonderful sketches and I am just in awe of anyone who can take a sketch and make a card that I would totally buy.

You rocked that sketch.

And thank you for the sunshine award. So very sweet of you.

Tanya Rudd said...

Very pretty card!

Jackie said...

Thank you my dear :) BTW, fabulous card. I really need some card lessons, I struggle with them terribly.

Linda64 said...

I'm honoured, totally unexpected. thankyou.
Beautiful card.

Betty Anne said...

Congratulations on winning the Sunshine award and thank you for picking me for the award also. It sure brightened my day.
Your card turned out really great and I'm sure your friend will appreciate it. Sounds like Nick takes after his Mom who is full of kindness and sweetness. Hope to see a layout or pictures of his getting the award.
Hope you have a great weekend and thank you again for the award.

Marlene said...

Very pretty card. I'm sure your friend's mom will appreciate it. Hope your sister's twins are bouncing back quickly from their surgery.

TeenaBugg38 said...

Awwwww! Sweet as molasses :) Don't let that get out or you will ruin my reputation!! You are a sweetie Denise! Thank you so very much :) I loveeeeee your card! So elegant! I will keep your friends mother in my prayers....we just had a family friend pass away with lung cancer way too young! We wanna see pix of Nicholas's award!!!! YOU GO BOYYYYYYY!!!!

Pamela said...

Thank you for the are so sweet! And your card is great! :)

Sasya said...

your card is so beautiful!! ♥
i love Gloria's sketch too~!

Pias Scrap och Doodling said...

Love your card! VERY cute! I´m always drawn to the simple but oh so beautiful designs! Tahnks for stopping by at my blog! /Pia

Mina said...

oh wow thank you so much...that is so nice of you to think of me
Mina xxx