Friday, May 7, 2010

Sketch Friday, 1st grade superhero, and a call to 911!

Some days just don't start off the way you think they are going to.  This morning seemed to be going well enough.  Nicholas woke up a little early which was great, got the kids fed early, got Nicholas on the nebulizer, took a quick shower, and somehow missed Lara playing with our phone.  Now she has only done this maybe once or twice, and never called anyone.  This morning she managed to call 911 and then put it back on the cradle so the line remained open for them.  Doooh!  (Homer Simpson voice)  Thank goodness I decided to call Chris about 30 seconds after it happened on a different phone (the kitchen one).  I picked it up and saw that the line said busy.  I said hello and no one said anything so I hung it up.  Then I figured out Lara must have the other downstairs one.  Mind you, the line is still open at this point with 911. Apparently, the woman heard me ask, "Lara, where did you put the phone that you were playing with?"  (Her answer, "I don't know.)  I found it, said hello again, no answer, hung that one up.  Then I hit redial (but didn't hit send) to see who she called.  91128*  Of all the numbers!  I got a call back from them 10 seconds later and apologized profusely for wasting their time.  The dispatcher was really cool about it.  Sooo embarrassing.

Okay, on the scrapbooking.  Practical Scrappers has a gorgeous new sketch out today.  I just love the flourishes surrounding the pictures.  If you get a chance swing over there and show them your take on it.

Here's my layout for today.  This is Nicholas end of the school year picture.  Did we have so many pictures when we were kids?  I just remember having the one yearbook picture.  Also, yearbooks used to be hardcover and cool.  Now they're softcover and easily destroyed.  Not a big fan.

  Well it's Friday.  Yeah!!!!  Happy Mother's day to all you gals out there that are moms!


Linda64 said...

Happy mothers day. Love your page. In Norway we didn't have a year book when I went to school, but these days they have and yes they do have soft covers too.
Thankyou for taking part in my candy. Good luck

Chelsea said...

Oh good, nothing happens! you got me worry there with the 911 call. lol This layout with Nicolas is so cool, he is a handsome little guy. And the layout with Lara doing her M&M dance is just too adorable. Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

Denise said...

Sorry Chelsea, didn't mean to put a scare into you!

Betty Anne said...

Here in Canada the police come and check out 911 calls even if you told them it was done by mistake, just incase someone is forcing you to say that. A friends son and daughter were at home and the girl didn't know the brother had hit the # by mistake. He told them nothing was wrong. About 5 minuites later she heard this banging on the door and before she could open the door it burst open and 3 police officers ran in. Scared the crap out of her.
Love your layout. The picture of Nick is so cool the way they have the sun rays coming out. Sure looks like a super hero picture. Great job.

Sasya said...

Your LO is cool!!! Happy Mothers' Day~!!

kmassman said...

Fun layout!
The 911 story is pretty cute! I bet that happens a lot! Your daughter has such a cute face; I bet it's hard to get mad at her!

CraftyGirl said...

Great story! i love when that happens to other people instead of myself... makes me feel like my life is a little more normal!! Now you need to scrap a picture of your daughter with the phone so you can journal this story... she will love hearing that years from now!! And your LO is fabulous!! Love the papers you used!
Barb :)

Dawn said...

What a wonderful blog, love the picture in your header, so cool.
I am so impressed with your layouts, what beautiful creations.
Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway.

Mina said...

oh the joys of our wonderful children lol...thank goodness you got an operator who was understanding...beautiful layout and perfect for the gorgeous photograph
Mina xxx