Saturday, May 29, 2010

The big banner for teacher appreciation week

Here's the picture of the huge banner I made for Nick's teacher.  All the kids wrote a note telling her how much they liked her or something nice.  My cricut expression was working hard when I made this.

It was Open House night on Thursday and Nicholas was so happy to show off his work at school.  He was so proud, it was awesome.  We had our babysitter watch Lara so Chris and I could both be there and then took him out to dinner.  It was a great night.  It's hard to believe he'll be in 2nd grade night year.    He's getting so big!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  For those of you that have 3 days off, hurray!  We are having a big family weekend.  My dad is coming up today (I got U.S. Flag napkins, plates, and cookies for him), Chris' family tomorrow, and my mom and stepdad on Monday.  When I told the kids, Lara cheered.  So cute!



Kelly Massman said...

Have fun this weekend!
Great banner and wonderful pictures!

TeenaBugg38 said...

How stinkin cute!!! I bet she just loved that!! And that photo....LOL sweet! He looks like a stinker :) But then again what boy isn't! Mine are growing up wayyyy to fast for me too. Jesse will be moving up to first grade this year and I have one in his last year at the Elm school and one in his last year at Middle school. My babies ain't babies anymore! When did that happen?????

Stacy said...

Loved the Banner it turned out super cute! Great job girl!! Hope you are having fun with all the family activity this weekend.