Friday, April 30, 2010

NSD is almost here!

NSD almost here!  There are going to be tons and tons of things to do tomorrow.  I’ve so excited because I am having a layout featured on Sketches! {by tamara}.  (    It is hilarious!  But that all I can say about that :)  

Today’s layout is for Nicholas’ school album.  I used a double page sketch from Let’s Scrap.
For some reason, I had a tough time with this one.  I think it was foreshadowing my afternoon chat with Nicholas teacher.  Here's my sketch.

So here's the irony of my making this layout today.  While I was picking Nicholas up from school, his teacher asked to talked to me.  Apparently, another kid was yelling in his ear during P.E., so he punched him in the face.  Sigh.  So not good.  Isn't that ironic?  Try this one.  He is up for another award in two weeks.  I asked her what it was going to be for (we were whispering so he couldn't here) and it's for KINDNESS.  I started laughing so hard.  She did too, thank goodness.  

Alright, I promised you some fun websites.   Each one is doing different things so make sure to see what they are doing and when.  Some even have online crops or start today :) - challenges all day Saturday - giveaway and a downloadable planner just for NSD - challenges and prizes - challenges and prizes - Live classes with giveaways (check your local times) - challenges, videos, giveaways - you get the picture

That'll keep you busy!!!

Have so much fun this weekend girls!



Betty Anne said...

Love your layout and the Nick story.
Wow so much going on this weekend it could make your head spin.

CraftyGirl said...

Okay... the LO is adorable and great... but the story is toooo funny!! The irony of it all!! As a teacher myself I find this especially funny!! Glad to hear he is up for that big award!!
Barb :)