Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Live from the house of plague

So Nick is on antibiotics for a throat infection but they aren't helping yet.  He actually starting running a low grade fever last night.  His lungs are full of fluid and he has been on his nebulizer for 3 weeks now!  I went to urgent care to get some of my own drugs, but the doctor thought it was viral.  We settled our differences by him writing me a script for antibiotics, but I promised to not fill it unless my throat still was killing me in a few days.  I am soooo ready for summer when Nick is away from school and all those germy kids :)

Here's what our mornings look like:

And no, I did not pick out those pajamas.  Nick throws on whatever he can get to quickest.  Don't want to miss out on any fun, right?

And this was last week's fun.

Poor baby.  On the bright side, my girl hasn't been sick AT ALL!  Hurray!  Look all clear :)

Have a great morning gals :)



Marlene said...

Aww, poor Nick. Here's to hoping the ugly bugs leave soon.

Denise said...

Thanks Marlene, from your lips...

Betty Anne said...

So sorry to hear Nick is still sick. I hope it gets feeling better real soon.