Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tri Fold Shutter card

Have you seen these cards?  They are simply gorgeous and I have had card envy whenever I see one.  I finally did a google search on how to do one and found a website that has both the written directions, as well as a short, five minute video on how to make them.  Guess what, they are actually EASY to make.  The blog that has the tutorial is  The creator Jayni Masjaski is so talented and has a number of how to's on her blog; including one on how to make your own glimmer mist to save money.  Love it!  Have a look and try it if you haven't made one before.  You'll be impressed on how quickly it's assembled.  I'll post my card next :)

Have a lovely weekend girls,



Jayni said...

Denise, Your card turned out beautiful! Thanks for all the wonderful comments, I think I am kinda blushing right now ;) Take care and happy crafting!! Jayni

kmassman said...

Cute! We just started spring break and are traveling so I may not be blogging much! Never fear; I'll be back looking at all of your stuff that I missed! Thanks for complimenting my card so soon after I posted! I brought a few files to upload if I get a chance!

Betty Anne said...

I am working on a couple of cards for my first card swap and earlier this week I learned how to do the Tri fold shutter card which I am using to make them. The cards look so much harder to make then they really are. It's funny that I just learned how to make them and so did you LOL
Your card is great